Rambler's Top100

IDC-2007, Desio, Italia,
22-23 September, 2007

Results of show: (will soon)

Photos from show

Video of IDC-2007 (format *.wmv):

Nitro del Rio Bianco stand (20,08MB)  
Urbano del Diamante Nero stand (17,9 MB)  
  moves (23,7MB)  
Vasco de Lea Modena stand (1,85MB)  
Vilander Valk vom Gebrannten Walde stand (11,4MB)  
  head (2,89MB)  
  moves1 (1,94MB)  
  moves2 (7,65MB)  
Vulkain of Devil Inside stand (2,74MB)  
Wine di Tamalu' stand (4,71MB)  
  moves (1,88MB)  
Modus Ost Wild Wind stand (2,23MB)  
Alano von Altamira stand (0,85MB)  
Males class champions, final competition stand1 (7,57MB)  
stand2 (15,1MB)  
  stand3 (11,4MB)  
Citto del Diamante Nero : stand (1,94MB)  
Black&tan males, junior class : stand (8,14MB)  
                          final competition: moves (1,96 MB)  
  stand (1,87MB)  
  stand2 (4,15MB)  
  stand3 (2,03MB)  
Icarus di Altobello: stand (2,82MB)  
  moves (1,91MB)  
Indo del Diamante Nero: stand (11,4MB)  
  stand2 (2,88MB)  
Livonija's Baron Hitch Cock: stand (0,99MB)  
  moves (11,2MB)  
Ramonburg Chinji: stand1 (8,28MB)  
  stand2 (1,78MB)  
Santa Julf Efrat: stand1 (4,15MB)  
  stand2 (2,71MB)  
  stand3 (4,22MB)  
Syrus del Tibul: stand1 (1,94MB)  
  stand2 (1,90MB)  
  stand3 (8,50MB)  
  stand4 (1,03MB)  
  stand5 (0,97MB)  
  moves (3,81MB)  
Tamlands Valentino Garavani: moves (6,26MB)  
Tom Dober Hagi : stand1 (1,96MB)  
  stand2 (11,7MB)  
  stand3 (4,11MB)  
  stand4 (1,92MB)  
  moves (12,1MB)  
Vanter del Montaldo: moves (5,78MB)  
Zasko Zoran del Citone: stand (7,77MB)  
  moves (9,25MB)  
Zoran Zewi del Citone: stand (8,09MB)  
  moves (11,02MB)  
Genova : view from airplan
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