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of kennel "Santa Julf"

12, June 2007 the second show of dogs of our kennel took part in open area, near Cultural House of village Pesochny, the closest provinces of St.Petersburg. Well built ground with figures of fairy personages created feelings of holidays.

In this show took part not only Dobermanns of "Santa Julf" kennel, but also their progeny from other kennels and clubs.

The sponsor of our meeting was Purina Pro Plan.


Julia Fedorova and Nataly Sedyh

Traditionaly, our show started from judgements of dogs, for which we invited the judge of International category Nataly Sedyh. In ring were presented:
  • Santa Julf Ingrid
  • Santa Julf Zelandia
  • Santa Julf Zorg
  • Santa Julf Zhador
  • Santa Julf Egipet
  • Santa Julf Emperator
  • Santa Julf Dik Diver
  • Santa Julf Dea de Vita
  • Santa Julf Gektor
  • Santa Julf Grand Dukeе
  • Santa Julf Viva-la-Vita
  • Santa Julf Amazonka
  • Irinland Zh'Dara
  • Zhordan Mikle Mladshiy
  • Fetty Scarlet
  • F`Redy First
  • Flibustier Flint Diver
  • Family Friend


The judge gave her judgments, that were accompanied by detalied coments and advices about show prepapration and presentation of dogs.

Final rings didn't take place. The idea of this show was to give qualification of presented subjects, to unite and introduce owners of our dogs to each other. All participants were rewarded with prizes and every of them got presents from our sponsor - toys and food from Purina Pro Plan.

Емператор   Зеландия   Флибустьер Флинт Дайвер   Емператор   Ф`Pеди Фёрст

    Гранд Дюк   Жордан Майкл Младший   Гектор  

The next part of our holiday was sums up and solemn rewarding of the most titled dogs.

During 2006-2007 in our kennel some dogs got titles Russian Champions, Belorussian Champions, Champions of RKF. For the rewarding we invited to ring:

  • Santa Julf Egipet
  • Santa Julf Emperator
In this year brothers got title Russian Champion!
New Belorussian Champions are:
  • Santa Julf Barishnja Baltinava
  • Santa Julf Grand Duke
  • Santa Julf Dik Diver

Title Russian Champion got:

  • Santa Julf Dea de Vita
  • Santa Julf Dik Diver
  • Santa Julf Egipet
  • Santa Julf Emperator

As prizes those Champions got very beautiful presents.

The solemn part was continued with reitings and competitions.

We wanted in our holidays to encourage the owners of dogs, that take an active part in
shows as in our city, as in other towns and countries.

The first was rating "Desire to win" (we looked numerous of shows where dog took parts). We planed, that in this rating will be 3 honour places, but Dik and Duk had taken almost the same numerous of points, and so we decided to do 4 honour places (as last year, too)

1 place. Santa Julf Egipet - 16 shows
2 place. Santa Julf Emperator - 15 shows
3 place. Santa Julf Grand Duke- 11 shows
4 place. Santa Julf Dik Diver - 10 shows

The winners got presents from Purina Pro Plan.

The second was rating "Tourist of the year". There we looked how many kilometers dog and owner had passed during the travels to shows.

1 place. Santa Julf Dik Diver - 3200 km
2 place. Santa Julf Grand Duke - 2700 km
2 place. Santa Julf Emperator - 2700 km

The winners of ratings got special prizes, that we hope, will remember them about their

And now - competitions!

After official part of our meeting, for to get a little of rest and fun, we organized the competition "Choose the present for you".
In the center of a round we put different toys for dogs. Every dog must choose the toy that he liked and take it out. According to numbers, dogs entered into the round. The competition was very funny, with jokes, ecouragings and advices.
Dogs showed different behaviour: some of them did their choice for a long time, some of them took the toy immediately and run out from the round with their choice, and some of them were needed in help of owners.

Ингрид,Зеландия и Египет    Фреди Ферст    Гранд Дюк    Деа де Вита

"Child and dog" (we looked at the coordinated action and control of the dog)

1 place - Arhipov Sasha with Zhordan Mikle Mladshiy
2 place - Chernjavskiy Danya with Santa Julf Gektor

Participants got nice prizes and presents.

Саша и Жордан

Competition "The handler".
The idea of that competition was to demonstrate a skill of owner to show his dog in the best way without help of professional handler. That time into the ring entered many owners, that gave us good emotions, because last year we were need to ask owners to take part in that competition. Some of owners tried to be handler for their dog the firts time in their life!

10 persons took part in that competition. The judge liked very much showpresents of Egipet, Emperator and Dea de Vita, and she had some difficulties with decision about the places for owners of those dogs. Finnlay, the first place got Nikolaj with Egipet, and second place was shared between German with Emperator and Mihail with Dea de Vita.

1 place. Yuriev Nikolay with Santa Julf Egipet
2 place. Perepelkin German with Santa Julf Emperator
2 place. Ivanov Mikle with Santa Julf Dea de Vita

Presents to all participants of that cometition.

Ольга с Зеландией   Победители конкурса   конкурс хэндлеров

"The most beautiful head"

In ring we invited dogs , that were chosen for that competition during general judgements. There were 7 participans, the judge of competition was N.Sedyh. And:

1 place. Santa Julf Zorg (11 months)
2 place. Fetty Scarlet (9 months)
(daughter Santa Julf Dik Diver)
3 place. Santa Julf Grand Duke (3 years)

Presents and prizes to the winners!

"The most beautiful movements"

In that competition took part 11 dogs, chosen by judges during general
judgements. The places were given to:

1 place. Santa Julf Egipet (2 years)
2 place. Santa Julf Ingrid (3,5 months)
3 place. Santa Julf Dik Diver (2 years)

Егмпет и Ингрид   Ингрид  

"The most obedient puppy"

That was the new competition for our show. The initiator, judge and sponsor of this idea was Galina Doross. In ring entered all puppies from 3 to 9 months old with their owners (6 pairs). Owners must let to puppies to run free, and with command "come here" - they must call their puppy. The most obedient puppy, more exactly - baby, became SJ Ingrid. She arrived immediately to her owner and even jumped to hands of her. With solemn was presented the special prize "from SJ Baryshnja Baltinava" - the egg from china with view of Krondshtadt.

Ингрид и Юлия

"The twins"

Usually people say, that dog becomes similar to his owner with a time. We decided to check it in reality. In ring entered all who wished to take part in this funny competition. Here are the results:

1 place. Santa Julf Dea de Vita with Mikle Ivanov
2 place. Santa Julf Dik Diver with Galina Doross
3 place. Santa Julf Emperator with German Perepelkin

Presents to winners!

Михаил и Деа де Вита   Ксения и Жадор 

And at the end of our "DOBERMANN-SHOW-2007" - BARBECUE!

We finished our holiday with traditional table with hot barbecue and songs with a guitar by Doross Andrej and Margarita. We left that place with very nice emotions, full of impressions from fine spent time with our beloved Dobermanns. In one year we will meet us again, for to be again glad of succesess of each other, to take a look at our babies and to get a powerfull energy for the next year!

Сергей     Андрей Доросс

Михаил и Елена Ивановы   Юлия и Сергей

Николай и Ингрид     Гранд Дюк

Especially, we would like to thanks Zhirova Elena, the director of Cultural House in village Pesochny, that let us to use the ground for our holiday, Chirkova Ksenia for excellent work as a secretary of ring, Scorubskij Sergej for nice barbecue, Doross Andrej and Margerita for their concert, Golubeva Marina for nice photos, and also everybody who took part in our show!



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