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Our trip to Sweden:
IDC-2008, Nykoping , 30.06.08-01.07.08
World Winner Show - 2008, Stokholm, 03.07.08

We returned from Sweden, full of impressions, reflections, conclusions and relations! It would be desirable to tell a little about the trip, about Sweden and about our work-rest.

The trip by 3 cars from StPetersburg to Turku has passed without special complexities. On the Finnish border (and we passed it somewhere in 1.00 one o'clock in the morning) turns from machines were not. We meet our finnish friends Liisa and Agnetha on way to Turku and had together gone to boat.

On arrival at Stockholm at once we have gone to cottage's place which was near to a IDC-place. Our cottages-cabins have a good place for residing. In each cabin have a small kitchen, a bowl, a refrigerator and bunk beds. All the most necessary, anything superfluous. And , the small price for residing. About our small houses the fattened hares ran, the truth "ran" it not right word, approaches more "moved":)


view from cabin's windows  view from cabin's windows

Next day we have gone on IDC-show to show ours juniors Isamar and Ibiza. Morning was fine, the sun shone, but by a heat of an exhibition the torrential rain has gone. Our little girls have perfectly sustained a water shower, tried because of all forces!

In second day,we exposed Emperator, Dik Diver and Ingrid at IDC. Sweden has pleased us with fine weather, and by the end of an exhibition we were decently roasted and resembled pink pigs :). I will not stop on the description who as who judged also as was exposed, please, look photos is better.

SJ Isamar SJ Ingrid
SJ Ingrid 

SJ Emperator  SJ Emperator

SJ Emperator  SJ Karelia

SJ Equador  SJ Equador

SJ Dik Diver  SJ Isamar

Margarita Doross and Hans Wiblishauser Dr.Pezzano and Margarita Doross
SJ Ingrid SJ Equador Agnrtha, Niina and SJ Equador
SJ Emperator  Olga and SJ Isamar

In the end of show, we tired, all the same have decided to participate in competition of kennels. It is our first showing of our kennel in this competition at such large exhibition. 4 dogs have been presented to competition from our kennel: Emperator, Ingrid, Isamar, Ibiza. Many thanks to all who took part in competition, becouse we are all tired of 8-hours day at an show and all very much would like to return somewhat quicker in our small, but cosy houses. Thank to Irina Frolovich, Liisa Paavilainen (it was her first enter to ring as handler), Agnetha Sundqvist before handling; Olga Makarova and Elena Perepelkina before works in ring, and all who for us hurted! We tried, though our dogs were not in delight from close dogs in a ring, from the shouts, flying balls and expression neighbours in a ring.

We got 4 place! We well try and further!


In the evening, it is a little having had a rest, we have decided to gather and wash a champagne our cup!

Юлия Федорова Юлия Федорова Андрей Доросс (Дик Дайвер)


Next day has been devoted to rest. First we have wasted time on photosession of our dogs (photos will be add later on personal pages), and then went for a drive on a boat, studied beauty of the nearest small town, rolled on the sun.

Ibiza, Isamar, Ingrid   Ibiza, Isamar, Ingrid

Emperator, Ibiza, Ingrid,  Isamar, Dik Diver

Andrey, Dik Diver, Galina   German & Emperator Julia and Ingrid

Olga and Isamar   Ingrad and Liisa Agnetha and SJ Ibiza



Galina Doross and SJ Dik Diver Margarita Doross and SJ Dik Diver

Margarita Doross and SJ Dik Diver

Having had a rest, next day early in the morning, at 5.00, we have drive to Stockholm on the World championship. On road (highway), we saw a wild boar stealing a martch, hares having breakfast in fields, roe deers, deers, I do not speak about horses, cows and ostriches :).

After the end of World championship, remains to a few time, and we have decided suit the express-walk across Stockholm. Hardly having found a place of a parking of our cars, taken our dobermanns with us and have gone to get acquainted with local architecture and the population. We walked on very narrow streets of old city. Has very much amazed the attitude of Swedes to our dogs! They did not jump aside, and did not get on walls of houses, did not shout " where a muzzle ", they simply asked to be photographed with them, approached, ironed, kissed dogs! Also that the most interesting, very much this all was pleasant to our dobermanns!

Margarita and SJ Dik Diver    Julia with Isamar & Ingrid


Julia with  Ingrad and Isamar , Agnetha with Ibiza   Isamar and Olga meet with wild boar   Ibiza with Agnetha , Olga with Isamar


On the ferry some of us have got acquainted with a night life :), have looked the entertaining program at restaurant, have communicated to people! And dogs at this time slept without back and forepaws in cabins:).

On boat. Came back to home!

 our farry at right on photo  Seaside of Stokholm

Seaside of Stokholm 

 Seaside of Stokholm

Seaside of Stokholm Seaside of Stokholm



 Seaside of Stokholm

And already on a return way across Finland, have visited vetclinic with Ingrad, Isamar and Dik Diver where have successfully passed eye tests.

In summary I desirable to thank our finnish friends Liisa and Agnetha for comfortable travel, for the help in the organization of a trip, for encouragement and photos! Thanks all participants of our travel! We are command! I hope that all have perfectly spent time and have combined business with pleasure! :)




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