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of kennel "Santa Julf"

On May, 13, 2006 the fisrt dobermann-show of our kennel took place in the nice village Pesochnoje that is close to Sankt-Petersburg. There took part 16 dogs with their loving owners. Place of show
Our show began from the judiginent of dogs that kindly was made by the judge of International category Tihomirova Marina. In ring were presented next dobermanns:
  • Santa Julf Zhador
  • Santa Julf Zhasmin
  • Santa Julf Egipet
  • Santa Julf Emperator
  • Santa Julf Еxtrim
  • Santa Julf Еlegia
  • Santa Julf Dik Diver
  • Santa Julf Dea de Vita
  • Santa Julf Gektor
  • Santa Julf Grand Duke
  • Santa Julf Graf Aldo
  • Santa Julf Viva-la-Vita
  • Santa Julf Barishnja Baltinava
  • Santa Julf Aragon
  • Santa Julf Amazonka
  • Irinland Zh'Dara



Emperator   Extrim     Viva-la-Vita

Elegia   Elegia   Extrim   Dea de Vita   Aragon  

All dogs got highest estimation, excellent descriptions and advices of judge. We decided that in this happy day there must not be first and last places in ring: we wanted that every dog became the winner and so the judge didn't place them!

During last year some dogs from our kennel got the Champion titles and, of cousre, we would like to congratulate their owner with so great results! For the rewarding with special prize were invited in ring:

  • Santa Julf Grand Duke
  • Santa Julf Graf Aldo
  • Santa Julf Dea de Vita
  • Santa Julf Dik Diver
  • Santa Julf Emperator
Dik Diver, Graf Aldo, Grand Duke, Dea de Vita, Emperator
All those dobermanns got the title Young Champion of Russia in 2005-2006. All of them (excepted Emperator, but he just went to adult class and so all is in future for him) got also the title of Russian Champion.

For the rewarding with special prize Santa Julf Amazonka entered in ring. This year she got the titles: Ch. of Russian Dob.club and became Grand Champion of Russia. For us it was the double happiness because Amazonka is the first dobermann that was born in our kennel and she is the fisrt dobermann of our kennel who has so grat titles! We are sure, it is not the last of her improvements! And we believe that her progeny from Tamerlan is Slavnoi Slai will be worthy of their showsuccessful mother!

Amazonka with Nikolay Yuriev

After solemn part of our show, we decided to relax and to enjoy us and we organized one funny competition : "Let's choice a present for you!" On the grass there were put different toys and every dog at the command of owner picked out a present for her. But if dog was dazzled and it was difficult for it to make choice between all those toys, the owner tried to help to his dog. Every dog behaved itself in different way: one of them carefully touched toys with the nose, some of them tried to play a little with every toy and then took one that it liked more of all. Finally dogs were very happy and we had one great enjoyment!

Dea de Vita    Egipet    Extrim    Irinland Zh'Dara
Zhador   Barishnja Baltinava   Aragon
Graf Aldo   Dik Diver   Grand Duke

And ten was the right time for to make some other competitions and ratings!

We liked very much to encourage all owners and their dogs that took part in many shows as in our city as in another towns and countries!

The first was the raiting "The aspiration to victory" (we looked at numbers of shows that our participants had taken part in). Out of touch with other participants was Santa Julf Graf Aldo. At first, we had plans about 3 places of prizes, but 3 dogs have almost same numbers of points, then we desided about 4 prize's place.

1 place. Santa Julf Graf Aldo - 25 shows
2 place. Santa Julf Grand Duke - 16 shows
3 place. Santa Julf Dea de Vita - 15 shows
4 place. Santa Julf Dik Diver - 14 shows

The second rating was "The tourist of the year". In that competition we looked at the lenght of all ways that dog made together with owner for to visit all shows. Figures spoke by themself! And again in front went Santa Julf Graf Aldo with his owner Anna Lopareva. Graf Aldo. Amazonka, Grand Duke

1 place. Santa Julf Graf Aldo - 13600 km (Minsk (Belarus)*3 times, V.Novgorod (Russia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Moscow (Russia), Kharkov (Ukraine))
2 place. Santa Julf Amazonka - 5000 km (Bratislava (Slovakia), Moscow (Russia))
3 place. Santa Julf Grand Duke - 3000 km (Minsk (Belarus), Moscow (Russia))

The winners of ratings got special prizes and we hope that those prizes will be usefull for their travels in the future.

And again - sweet competitions!

"Child and dog" (was valued correlation and controll of dog by child):

1 place - Chernjavskiy Daniil with Santa Julf Gektor,
2 place - Chirkova Anastasia with Santa Julf Zhador,
3 place - Golubeva Maria with Santa Julf Zhasmin

Everybody who took part in that compreitions got very nice prizes.

"The handler" (was valued the skill of the owner to show dog for the judge)

There took part 7 participants! And first three honour places got:

1 place. Lopareva Anna with Santa Julf Graf Aldo,
2 place. Doross Andrey with Santa Julf Dik Diver,
3 place. Shubina Julia with Santa Julf Grand Duke.

Prizes for the participants of that competition.


"The most beautiful head" .

We called in ring the dogs, that were choosed for that competition during general judgement. The numbers of participants were 10, the judge is Tikhomirova. At the end:

1 place. Santa Julf Amazonka (4 years)
2 place. Santa Julf Graf Aldo (2 years)
3 place. Santa Julf Zhador (5 months)

Prizes for the winners!

"The most beautiful mouvement"

There took part 10 dogs again, choosed before by the judge. We want to see and to show very good moves, and for that we maked 3 groups, and at the end:

1 place. Santa Julf Elegia (1,5 years)
2 place. Santa Julf Graf Aldo (2 years)
3 place. Santa Julf Dea de Vita (1,8 years)

    финал: Елегия, Граф Альдо и Деа де Вита

"Can you do it?"

In that competition owner must show to spectators some skills of his dog.

1 participant. Chernjavskaya Natalia with Santa Julf Gektor. The dog showed a wonderfull exercise "snake".
2 participant. Lopareva Anna together with her Santa Julf Graf Aldo showed super adroitnees. Not every dobermannn is able to keep a tennis ball on the nose and then to catch it!
3 participant. Doross Galina with Santa Julf Barishnja Baltinava showed very right execution of some elements of obedience.

With opinion of judge we didn't make the choice of winners of that competition - everyone became the winner!


Barishnja Baltinava


There were two magnificient couples:Santa Julf Barishnja Baltinava & Santa Julf Dik Diver and Santa Julf Zhador & Santa Julf Zhasmin.Without doubts the victory arrived for Baltinava & Dik Diver. Very correct mouvements and beautiful showpresents!

Barishnja Baltinava & Dik Diver   Barishnja Baltinava & Dik Diver   Galina Doross with Barishnja Baltinava & Dik Diver  

Galina Doross with Barishnja Baltinava & Dik Diver   Galina Doross with Barishnja Baltinava & Dik Diver

And at the end of our "Dobermann-show-2006" - BARBECUE!

I would like to thank for the good barbecue and for the help in preparations: Elena Zhiriva, Nikolay Yuriev, Julia Shubina, German Perepelkin. My friends, without your help we would not eat so tasty meat! Special thanks to Andrey Doross for the concert with the gitar for all of us. Thanks to Andrey, our show was even more nice!

Elena Zhiriva and Julia Shubina  Nikolay Yuriev  German Perepelkin and Yuriev Nikolay  Julia Shubina and Julia Fedorova

Andrey Doross  Andrey Doross  Yuriev Nikolay with Extrim  Yuriev Nikolay with Emperator

We are gratefull to Zhirova Elena the director of the House of the Culture for the nice place that she gave for our show, Kolpakov Alexandrr the wonderfull photos, Chirkova Ksenia for the excellent work in ring and also all other who took part in organization of our show. I'm sure that everybody had the best mood during our show and I hope that organization of Dobermann show will become one beautiful tradition of our kennel!


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